Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big 2-4!

I can't believe that Kyle is 24 today. It seems so old and we are not ready to be grown ups yet so its a little weird. Doesn't 24 seem like you have to act like grown ups now? I don't know if that will ever happen but because Kyle is now 24 I thought I would write 24 things I love about him. :)
1. That he is mine for all eternity
2. He is so incredibly handsome
3. Patient
4. Loves me for me, even when I'm a crazy person
5. Active and busy all the time
6. Hardworker
7. Funny, he always makes me laugh
8. He sings these crazy made up songs to me very day
9. Loves to travel with me
10. A handyman and can fix anything
11. So muscley
12. His big puppy dog eyes
11. His laugh, you can't help but laugh with him
12. His kisses and hugs
13. Even-tempered, I really need to learn more from him
14. His strength and love for the gospel
15. He is so comfy and cuddly, he doesn't like it as much as I do but he will come around
16. He is so cute with kids and will be a great Dad
17. Thoughtful
18. Gives me a hug and kiss before he leaves every morning
19. Athletic, he is good at everything he does
20. A good cook
21. Smart
22. Trustworthy and honest in everything he does
23. Busy body, you can never so him down
24. And most of all he loves me too!

I really could go on forever. I just love this Guy! Happy Birthday Loves!!


welundell said...

uh thats actually 26 (you repeated 11 & 12) no worries you can save those for years to come and Kyle deserves the extras.

Debbie said...

He is awesome isn't he... Love ya Kyle!!

Kyle and Lindsey said...

Aww I love it!!